Rack N Ride Sports Carrier


Rack N Ride Sport Bike Carrier

Engineering on Point here !

A5005 Outer Channel Black

6061 T6 Structural RHS – Orange

Main Bar into hitch has ¼” MS350 Connection Plates, ½” High Tensile Bolts in double shear, 3/8″ MS350 Plate welded inside the SHS, this tube will carry 2500lbs no problem.

This rack is strong enough to carry two Sport bikes if you could get them one on top of the other !

$1595 includes LED Kit, Anti Tilt Bracket, Shim Plates to help eliminate movement in receiver.

Price includes LED light kit with licence plate light, you need to supply your own connector as we cannot source from Australia.

Hardware and Red Straps shown in most photos, we are no longer supplying as we don’t make it and have no control over how it’s used.

Rated for bikes up to 660lbs.

Sports Carrier weighs 88lbs.

Go to Instructions for assembly video.

  • Sports is not supplied with a ramp as many bikers already have one.

    Our optional ramp stores between bike and vehicle.


Go to the INSTRUCTIONS page for assembly video.


95% of vehicles are standard length main bar.

Pickup trucks with a tub, style side and SUV’s with no spare tire on rear door are standard fitment, see pdf below.

Pickup Truck

SUV’s or Jeeps with a spare tire on the rear door, 4×4’s with swing away spare tires, jerry can holders will need a longer main bar, see pdf below.

SUV with Spare Tire on Rear Door