Rack N Ride ALUMINIUM MX Carrier


5 Year Structural Warranty and Designed for serious off road use.

Aluminium version of our MX Carrier, 15lbs lighter.

44lbs minus the loading ramp or 55lbs incl ramp.

Only the Bike Channel is Aluminium, all other parts are the steel, same as the standard Steel MX Carrier.

Rated for MX / Enduro / Dual Sport bikes up to 330lbs.

Carrier is supplied with everything needed to use it: Snap Hooks, Turnbuckles, Shackles, Loading Ramp, Anti Tilt Bracket with Packer Plates for snug receiver fit, Strap to stop turnbuckles vibrating loose.

Price includes LED light kit with licence plate light, you need to supply your own connector as we cannot source from Australia.

All Red US LED kit is supplied which is pictured on the standard Steel MX Carrier, Amber indicators are on Australian LED Kits.

Go to the INSTRUCTIONS page for videos of loading, unloading, securing bike as well as detailed assembly.

    Standard length fits 95% of vehicles. SUV's with spare tire on rear will need a longer bar. See fitment PDF's below videos.

    Standard ramp is easy to load if the bottom of your hitch is up to 20" off the ground.

    Gives more ground clearance for extreme off road.




90% of vehicles are STANDARD LENGTH Main Bar.

Style side Pickup trucks and SUV’s with no spare tire on rear door are STANDARD LENGTH.

Pickup Truck – SUV

SUV’s and Jeeps with a spare tire on the rear door, swing aways, jerry can holders will need a longer main bar.

SUV’s with Spare Tire



If you run a tape out 50″, 60″, 70″ from the top of your hitch to the ground you’ll see the loading angle.

50″ Ramp – On a standard height 4WD (receiver is up to 20″ off the ground) your bike is easy to load.

60″ Ramp – If you have a lift kit or your hitch is 22″ + off the ground this will make it easier to load .

70″ Ramp – Higher lifts and bigger tires will need this.