5 Year Structural Warranty and Designed for serious off road use.

All the same features of the single MX Carrier but in a Double.

Double can be separated in 1 minute.

Either Carrier can be used as a single without modification.

First Carrier can be used to carry a bike and tow if required.

Main Bar is 2″ tube with 3/8″ plate welded inside then 2 1/2″, 1/4″ wall tube sleeved and braced over the top.

This allows the outer rack to slide inside the inner rack.

Outer rack locks up tight with our bolt and bush combo, install or separate in a minute.

Can be supplied with either Steel or Aluminium Bike Channels.

Steel Bike Channel version weighs 135lbs complete.

Aluminium Bike Channel version weighs 105lbs complete.

Will put up better pictures soon.