MX Carrier Instructions

Once you load your bike run a strap through the turnbuckles to prevent them vibrating loose. Strap is supplied with carrier.

Always run a safety line from the inside of your bike to your vehicle.

USA LED Kit wiring code :

RED – RH Ind / Stop

YELLOW – LH Ind / Stop

BLACK – Tail / Running

WHITE – Earth

Sports Instructions

All the bolts are in this carrier where they need to be.

You only need to remove the 3 M12 x 170 in the centre to fit the Bike Channel to the Main Bar into your tow bar.


We keep the tolerance as tight as we can between these 2 parts, if the Bike Channel will not drop into the Main Bar just nip up 1 of the M10 x 170 bolts in the bracing to the very right.

This will squeeze the Bike Channel assembly together and help drop in.

If that doesn’t work then nip up one of the M10 x 170 bolts that the front Tie Down Bracket bolts to.

Once the Bike Channel drops into the Main Bar you will probably need to loosen the M10 x 170’s you just tightened to allow the M12 bolts to slide through the assembly.