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Motorcycle Carrier Frequently Asked Questions

A Rack N Ride Hitch Hauler is a safe and effective way to transport your motorcycle.

Our Motorcycle Haulers have multiple points to strap your bike to the carrier, enabling fast and secure loading.

For added safety, all our hitch-mounted motorcycle carriers are supplied with indicator, stop and running LED kits.

Most vehicles with a Class 3 hitch – 2” receiver can use a Rack N Ride Hitch Hauler to transport their motorcycle.

Class 3 hitch will let you use our MX Hauler to carry MX / Enduro / Dual Sport motorcycles.

Class 4 hitch is needed for larger Adventure and Sport motorcycles.

Rack N Ride Motorcycle Hitch Haulers are designed for easy one-man operation, loading, and unloading your motorcycle in minutes.

Our vehicle-mounted motorcycle hitch carriers have multiple tie-down positions to secure your bike fast and effectively, while the Rack N Ride Loading Ramps can be stored between the motorcycle and vehicle while in transport.

Here are detailed instructions on how to use the motorcycle hitch hauler.

There is no structural issue using hitch-mounted motorbike racks, provided you keep below your hitches tongue weight capacity.

Most states require the vehicle registration or license plates to be visible as well as no obstruction to the vehicles lights.

Rack N Ride Hitch Haulers are supplied with an LED kit including license plate lights and a dedicated position to mount an auxiliary license plate.

Fitting a Rack N Ride Motorcycle Carrier to your vehicle is as easy as removing the tongue from your hitch and sliding the Rack N Ride into place.

Secure the Rack N Ride bike hauler with your vehicles hitch pin.

All Rack N Ride bike carriers are supplied with Shim Plates and a Anti Tilt bracket that once tightened, eliminates movement in the vehicle’s receiver.

For detailed instructions on how to use the motorcycle hitch hauler, click here.

Most bicycles, MTB, e-bikes will fit straight on a Rack N Ride motorcycle hauler. Bicycles can be secured using straps off the seat post and handlebars for quick, easy and safe transportation.